Do you want a rewarding and fulfilling way to spend your free time this summer?

Horizons is looking for consistent and talented individuals to volunteer at our new Reading Workshop, held every Wednesday from 1:30 - 2:00 p.m. during the 2019 Summer Program. Each of our volunteers will be partnered with a Horizons Reading Buddy who needs a little extra practice with reading and comprehension skills.

If you’re wondering about the benefits of a reading program, here are just a few reasons why reading is so important:

  • Mental Stimulation: Your brain requires exercise to keep it strong and healthy, just like all muscles in your body. Reading has been found to enhance connectivity in the brain. 

  • Better Memory: A book has many different components. A plot, characters, dialogue and settings are just a few of those things. Reading requires you to use your memory muscle, helping the muscle long term.

  • Improved Concentration: In today’s world, our attention is often drawn in a million different directions at once. When reading, you are concentrating on one thing. By doing so, you are training your body to avoid distractions. This ability can help when performing other tasks that require concentration.

  • Vocabulary Expansion: The more you read, the more words you are exposed to. Being well-spoken and articulate can help increase job performance and self-esteem. Exposure to well-written work can also have a huge impact on your own writing.

    All volunteers must undergo a background check prior to the first day of volunteer service.