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Student Spotlight:


Week 1: Anisah Jones


Week 2: Joshua LEwis


Week 3: Kash Rogers

Week 4: Alaya Lewis


Week 5: Tevona Evans

Music Video Stars!

In line with their theme of Music and Movement this summer, Kindergarten recorded a music video, performing their remix of “Wheels on the Bus” in the style of the recent hit, “Old Town Road.” Watch here!


Class News:

Week 3 was a short week. Summaries will be updated for week 4!


Week 1: Going along with their theme of Discovering the Five Senses, Pre-K visited the Tea’s Me Cafe on Tuesday and used their senses of taste and smell as they tried different types of tea. Later this week, they learned to paint with tea bags. Stay tuned for more five-senses themed fun over the next few weeks!

Week 2: This week, Pre-K continued learning about the five senses. Dr. Messina from Trinity Church taught them about sound and demonstrated the church organ. The kids also read “Magic Trash” by J.H. Shapiro, and will create their own trash sculptures using re-purposed materials. On Tuesday, they also got to meet their 8th grade buddies!

Week 4: This week, Pre-k got to utilize their five senses at Tyner Pond Farm! In the classroom, they have been learning about onomatopoeia, and specifically, animal sounds. They also went on a nice walk around Lemler Garden, and made sketches of what they saw.

Final Week: At closing ceremony, Pre-k rounded off the summer by performing a song about the five senses. They even got everyone in the audience to sing along!


Week 1: Kindergarten’s theme is Music and Movement. This week they visited Rhythm! Discovery Center and participated in a drum circle. They also voted on the song that they will perform at the end of program — they have chosen Wheels on the Bus!

Week 2: This week, Kindergarten tackled rhyming, patterns, basic math, and nursery rhymes. The students all greatly enjoyed seeing Shrek the Musical at Booth Civic Theatre on Tuesday. This was a great experience for their class theme of Music and Movement, and the star of the show was a recent St. Richard’s Graduate!

Week 4: Kindergarten got to visit the Children’s Museum this Thursday. Recently, they have focused on sentence structure, vowels, and punctuation. In math, they have been learning measurement by measuring objects around the room!

Final Week: At closing ceremony, Kindergarten presented the music video they had made, in which they combine the classic “Wheels on the Bus” nursery rhyme with the current hit “Old Town Road.” This was the capstone to their theme of Music and Movement this summer!

1st Grade

Week 1: First grade is learning about Plants and the Environment this summer. They visited the zoo, learned to plant in the classroom, and went through the gardens near St. Richard’s with their journals, sketching the types of plants that they saw. Next week they will visit Garfield Park!

Week 2: On Thursday, First grade had a great time touring the Garfield Park Conservatory and observing the plants there. They even got to take a plant clipping to try to grow at home. They have also been learning number recognition, and how to count by multiples. In a fun activity, they used beans to learn how to count by fives.

Week 4: First grade visited Tyner Pond Farm this Tuesday! They also learned about different types of leaves in the classroom, and have been writing a lot in their journals about their experiences in nature!

Final Week: First grade used their newfound knowledge to teach the life cycle of a plant to the audience at closing ceremony. Their presentation was very informative, and showed us that they learned a lot about their theme of Plants and the Environment this summer.

2nd Grade

Week 1: It was a big week for 2nd grade. Their theme is Animals and a Living World. Throughout the week, they learned about habitats. On Tuesday, they visited the zoo, and on Wednesday, they made a new friend when 2nd grader Rosie Cardenas brought her turtle to class.

Week 2: At the Garfield Park Conservatory, second grade got to attend a presentation about animals and interact with a tortoise. This week, each student was also assigned a biome to research. Later this summer they will create dioramas about their biome.

Week 4: This week, 2nd grade has been working on the stem portions of their diorama projects. They each get a small light bulb and electrical circuit. They have been using these bulbs to add some light to their biomes, whether it is from the sun, moon, or stars! They also visited the Children’s Museum this Thursday.

Final Week: Fourth grade finished up their biome diorama projects this week, and some students presented them at closing ceremony!

3rd Grade

Week 1: Third grade is learning about Engineering this summer. This week they learned about simple machines, making posters that showed what these machines are and where they can be found in everyday life. On Thursday they had a great time at the Indy Tilt Studio arcade!

Week 2: Third grade has continued to learn about engineering. They were placed in small groups, where they designed marble tracks using foam tubes. They tested these tracks to see if the marble could be placed at one end and be deposited in a cup at the other. On Thursday they went to the IRC with middle school and learned about how the different rowboats are designed and their use of simple machines. They also began developing blueprints for arcade games, which they will create using cardboard later this summer, incorporating simple machines into their design.

Week 4: This week, 3rd grade got a lot of work done on their cardboard arcade projects, getting some help from Helmer Scientific engineers in the classroom! They also learned about the design process and designed wheelchairs using legos. On Thursday they visited the Children’s Museum.

Final Week: Third grade put the finishing touches on their cardboard arcade machines. On Thursday, at closing ceremony, our third graders set their games up in the gym and allowed parents and visitors to give them a try!

4th Grade

Week 1: Fourth grade’s theme is Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies. This week they did some yoga and learned some healthy cooking through Patachou. They have also spent some time learning about body systems.

Week 2: Fourth grade continued learning about health and wellness. Later this summer, each student will present on a body system they have been assigned. This week they researched their body system to prepare for these presentations. They also learned how to make guacamole in class, and got to stay active by visiting the Sports Legends Experience at the Children’s Museum.

Week 4: Our 4th graders have been hard at work on their projects this summer. They have been researching and creating presentations on their assigned body system. They also learned more about eating healthy and even cooked their own stir fry this Tuesday! On Thursday they visited the Eskenazi Health Sky Garden.

Final Week: Our fourth graders completed their research and presentations on body systems. On Thursday, they gave very academic and fact-filled presentations about different systems in the body. This was a very impressive showing from our fourth graders! We can tell that they learned a lot!

5th Grade

Week 1: Fifth grade’s theme is The Power of a Community. This week, they went on a walking tour downtown with Indiana Landmarks to learn more about Indianapolis. Their project for this summer is to make an iMovie video as a class, so they started shooting some video this week. We can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Week 2: On Tuesday, 5th grade had a great time visiting the Infozone at the Children’s Museum. They also read the book “Pompeii,” which is a historical fiction about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Throughout the week, they also continued to record video and take pictures for their iMovie project.

Week 4: Fifth grade has continued working on their iMovie project. This Thursday, they had an amazing tour of Crown Hill Cemetery, and learned a lot about the famous people buried there! They also have been working on a lot of STEM in the classroom.

Final Week: Fifth grade completed their iMovie project, and presented it at closing ceremony. Their theme, Power of a Community, had them learn a lot about Indiana, its history, and famous Hoosiers. The iMovie captured just how much the students learned this summer!

6th Grade

Week 1: This week, 6th grade spent some time exploring Butler’s campus and adjusting to being in a new location. Their theme this summer is Sharing Our Stories. In the coming weeks they will take pictures around Butler and write about them. Their goal is to describe the surrounding community. They also had their first rowing session at the Indianapolis Rowing Club this Thursday!

Week 2: Sixth grade began working on their project by taking pictures all around Butler’s campus. Some of them even got to meet the Butler Bulldog out on the lawn! They all got to take a turn rowing at the IRC this Thursday, and are excited to continue improving at it in the coming weeks.

Week 4: Sixth grade has been hard at work on their projects. They took more pictures around Butler this week. They also worked on reading and math, rotating between several math centers. Along with 7th and 8th grade, 6th grade also had their last day of rowing!

Final Week: Sixth grade finished their project, making a book that documented all of the pictures they had taken, and stories they had discovered in the Butler community. Several sixth grade students presented parts of the book on Thursday.

7th Grade

Week 1: Last year, our Seventh graders learned about sustainability and climate change. This summer, Seventh grade’s theme is Finding Power in Your Voice. They started off the week learning about the connections between climate change and social justice. They then learned about Greta Thunberg, a teen activist from Sweden who has created protests around the world. The students are learning from her passion, and starting to think about what social justice they are passionate about!

Week 2: Seventh grade continued to learn about social justice. They discovered how the main characters in the book, “The Hate U Give” fight for racial and criminal justice. In math, the students worked with experimental and theoretical probabilities by performing experiments and playing trashketball. Ms. Gibson says that many students stepped up this week as leaders and encouraged their classmates to demonstrate the RISE values.

Week 4: This week, 7th grade used various domino games in their math lessons, making math fun! They also designed their artwork for closing ceremonies and ended their week on a nature walk on Butler’s campus, where 7th grader Daniel Guzman took photos! They also had a great final day of rowing this Thursday.

Final Week: Seventh grade’s theme was Finding Power in Your Voice. At closing ceremony, they displayed a few different ways to express voice. One group of girls displayed their voice through dance. Another group showed off T-shirts that they had painted, inspired by social justice issues that they cared about.

8th Grade

Week 1: Eighth grade had their first rowing lesson this Thursday at IRC. A group of them got to go out onto the water! This summer their theme is A Force for Good. This week they researched nonprofits. In the coming weeks they will volunteer at several nonprofits as well. The final goal is to design their own nonprofits.

Week 2: This week 8th grade began designing their own nonprofits. They each chose a topic that they are passionate about and wrote mission statements about what their organization will be doing. They also spent time volunteering at the Children’s Museum!

Week 4: Eighth grade has worked hard on their nonprofit presentations. They have been creating budgets, volunteer plans, names, and more! They are also making their own shirts to represent their organizations!

Final Week: Our eighth graders had a big week. On Thursday, before closing ceremony, they presented their nonprofit organizations to a panel of community leaders. At closing ceremony, Joshua Lewis and William Tucker gave an impassioned speech together about what Horizons has meant to them, and what it is like to finally graduate. We will miss this incredible class!

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