Project Work

Horizons believes in the power of learning by doing. While there is a time and place for worksheets and lectures, we believe that the most impactful learning experiences are those that inspire curiosity, hands-on engagement, and significant student voice and choice. At our program, every moment is a teachable moment and an opportunity for students to learn something new. 

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Each of our grade levels focuses on a theme over the summer. These themes act as a guide to connect classroom learning, field trips, enrichments, and project-based activities. For example, the third grade class theme is engineering and over the course of the summer third grade students design and build Rube Goldberg machines, visit an engineering firm, participate in a robotics competition, and use the engineering design process to develop solutions to real-world problems. 

At the end of the summer, each of our grade levels will present their project to the entire Horizons program. In the past, grade levels have presented:

  • Architectural installations that were invented, designed and built by the students

  • "Magic Trash" art projects made from all repurposed materials

  • Eco-friendly park proposals, including physical models and budget plans