Healthy Choices

Summer time means warm weather, sunny days, and lots of outdoor time! At Horizons, we work to build healthy minds and healthy bodies so we make sure to include time every day for our students to be physically active and provide nutritious meals and snacks.

Healthy Food

According to the Indiana State Department of Health, nearly 1/4 of our state's children experience food insecurity. In the summer, children and families can no longer rely on consistent breakfast and lunch from school. Paired with increased inactivity during the summer months, these factors are a recipe for poor health and nutrition that can impact a child for many years. Additionally, the neighborhood that Horizons serves is classified as a food desert which means that the only access families have to fresh, healthy food is several miles away and not easily accessible without reliable transportation. The barriers to nutritious food are abundant for many of our families. 

Horizons works in partnership with the Summer Food Servings Program to provide healthy, nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks to our students all summer long. You know the old saying that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach? We believe that when a child has access to good food every day, then s/he will thrive both physically and mentally! 

Additionally, our students work in the local garden and collect fresh eggs from our school chickens to help educate about where food comes from and to encourage them to explore different foods that they may have never experienced before! 

I like snack time because we get to have strawberries!
— horizons third grade student


Physical activity is an important part of every day at Horizons. Here are the many ways we incorporate exercise into our day: 

  • Swim lessons/free swim at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) three times per week 
  • Thirty minutes of recess 
  • Organized sports, including soccer, tennis and basketball
  • Outdoor field trips to local gardens, parks and other locations that promote active lifestyles
  • Programming focused on nutrition education and healthy eating habits

After summer, 89% of our students report that Horizons has taught them to be more physically active. We hope that the habits our students form through the summer will carry over during the school year and inspire a lifetime of healthy habits!

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